Herz & Lang unlocks the world of big buildings

We started the Passive House concept in 1998 and have up until now being involved as an integrated designer (architect + technical planning) in more than 100 single and multi-family houses in both new construction and renovation.

We use this experience in consulting to benefit our customers (builder, general planner, investors, etc.). We have done since 2005 and have accompanied over 1500 residential units and over 80.000 m² of non-residential buildings to the Passive House standard. Among them are many of the world's first realized Passive House buildings in their class (multi-storey buildings, hotel, museum, prison, court), and a variety of local authority buildings in both new construction and renovation at home and abroad (European and overseas).

Our standard is to bring all our projects through to certification with economic solutions and high comfort.

House of the Future, Passive House 2.0 - Dieter Herz

Last year's presentation at the NY15PH Conference & Expo, Built to Last: Passive House, in New York City.

NY Passive House (NYPH) is working to realize a healthy, comfortable and energy-efficient built environment through the promotion of the Passive House building standard. NYPH facilitates the exchange of information and experiences, among local, national and international practitioners of the Passive House building standard - striving to give NYPH members and the New York public access to the most useful tools toward making the best possible buildings. (International Passive House Association)



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